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Policy Reservation

Terms of Hosting

1 Introduction

These conditions meet the Code of Consumer Protection except as provided in Resolution 161/85 Normative Embratur and other legal provisions governing the relations of tourism service providers and users of their services.

2 Home and winning hosting

a) registration at the hotel (check-in) and entry into the apartment only be released from 15:00.
b) on the day of departure from the hotel (check-out) the release of the flat should be made ​​until 12.00, whatever has been the time of entry.

3 - pension scheme

a) except by special negotiation, dinner pensions will be considered at the entrance and coffee breakfast and lunch at the exit.
b) the hosting package Vieira's Hotel, the breakfast buffet is served at the hotel. However, lunch and dinner can be served in other restaurants as occupation Hotel.

4 - Maintaining the daily rates and lodging reservation

a) changes in the value of tariffs (to be more in the case of adjustment or less, in the event of promotion) will not be applied to previously negotiated rates.
b) only reported rates are subject to change without notice.
c) at the time the reservation is charged in advance the value mentioned in the negotiation.

5 - Cancellation of booking, non-attendance (no-show) and early departure

a) in case of cancellation of a fine will be charged according to the

  • . 5; "data-mce-mark =" 1 "> 10% refund if cancellation is made 31 days or more before check-in
  • 20% refund if cancellation is made between 30 and 21 days before check-in
  • 30% refund if cancellation is made between 20 and 11 days before check-in
  • 50% refund if cancellation is made between 10 and 1 day before check-in

b) in case of non-attendance for hosting, the fine will be 100% refund
c) in case of early departure, the amount paid will not be refunded.

6 - Obligations of guest
a) to register at the hotel the guest is aware and fully accepts the conditions set forth herein, getting away from any claim of ignorance or error induction.
b) pay the stay at check-in.
c) At the time of checkout settle all extra charges made ​​at point of sale of the Hotel.
d) in accordance with Articles 82 and 83 of the ECA (Statute of Children and Adolescents), hosting minors without supporting document, being only valid ID and Birth Certificate is prohibited along the travel authorization from parents, in the case of smaller traveling with another person most responsible.